Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My story

"Follow your dreams!" You hear it said often by friends and family and sometimes even strangers. But do they really mean it? When you do, I can tell you first hand not everyone is happy about it! Often times people get stuck. We stay in un-happy situations, relationships, and locations simply because we don't know anything different, or are afraid of change. I am one of those dreamers though. A gypsy I guess. I am not afraid to explore, see new horizons, test out the waters. I don't live in fear. If I see some gorgeous water, I am diving in head first.
 An opportunity to travel... I'm in!  
I am someone who takes action instead of just talking about it. If I want to try to surf, I will try to surf. I do not care that there are sharks out there. I refuse to not live my life because there is something to be scared of. 
 I don't stare at the news all day dwelling on awful things that could happen. I want to live my life for God, not wallow in fear.I know so many people who are stuck in their same miserable lives. Never going any where or doing anything. Always saying something is going to change. It is the definition of insanity, yet I am the one that comes across looney, because of all my adventures. I am guilty of not wanting some things to change too. Let's be realistic. If my Sister told me she is moving to Bali, I would shed a tear and miss her terribly. 

I am also a planner. So my entire life I have been working hard planning and saving so that I would be able to live the life I desire. If you didn't hear me before... I WORKED HARD! 12-14 hours a day for 10 years building a company. 
So many people who meet me, see that I am young and think that I just am a kept woman or something. NO. I believe we make our lives. I wanted the finer things SO I WORKED FOR THEM.  I did not sit around waiting for some man to pick me up and rescue me. I don't believe in that. I believe that is the reason why so many of my friends and family are miserable. They wait to be rescued instead of rescuing themselves. 

My background? I am from small town Sherwood Oregon.
 Population? I don't know. Small and one high school. So what got me to living in a high rise loft downtown San Diego? A comedy of errors really. Ones that I am forever grateful for, because now I am living the life of my dreams. If I had only known back when I was finishing high school that this was what would make heaven on earth, my how different things would have been! But everything happens for a reason and I learned so much along the way! Vital life lessons that forever changed me.

I did meet the love of my life after I was well on my way. I had built a home for me and my kids. Small but perfect. 
I did it by working hard, living way beneath my means and saving $1500 per month for a few years for a hefty down payment. Being a single mom is hard, but it is not an excuse. I did it, you can do it. It just takes drive and persistence. 

The love of my life? Randy. 
You will hear a lot about him on here. In the past we have had ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. What real relationship doesn't? The cheesy saying "you complete me" is not enough. He is my other half. The beating in my heart, the dreams in my mind, the drive behind my success. He makes me want to be a better Woman every day. 

So we worked hard through the years and bought our dream home on 5 acres in Sherwood Oregon. Here is the house: 
Pretty huh? It was a nightmare! The American dream, was not our dream in any way shape or form. Always something to work on. Never a moments rest. I was working 60 hours a week and trying to find time to socialize and make it to my daughters basketball games several times per week. 5 acres to tend after, animals to tend to. There was barely time to pee. I have never been so miserable. Something had to change.  

There was a lot that went into how things changed. It even included my husband and I separating and me moving to San Diego. The sunny shores had been calling me ever since we took a family trip there. So I packed up my kids and I and we set forth to chase our dreams. Tough times, but they had to happen. As God promises, it all worked together for good. We worked through everything and my husband moved down to join me 6 months later. That was almost 5 years ago. 

My kids? These are my two babies:
We still get together weekly for game night.
Sometimes ice cream sundaes.
They are my blessings from God. I am so proud of them and am loving watching them turn into mature adults. Slowly but surely! ;)

So here is where my hubby and I live now!
Pure bliss.
I know I hurt some people by moving away from my hometown, but I had to follow my dreams, my heart, my purpose. So this blog is what that is about. I want to apologize ahead of time if you are reading this because I plan on making this an un-filtered blog. What I find, what I feel, what I love, what I hate. So if some profanity comes across your eyes at some point on a rare occasion when I am venting, just pass it over and assume I am PMS. 

So this is my continued story. Don't be shocked when you see pictures of ice cream and sailboats a lot ;)  I love to take pictures and write. If I find a cute towel, you will find out about it. Some of you will laugh with what I share. Others may be offended. So if you choose. Sit down and enjoy the ride with me! 
<3 Christi